10 Most Successful Habits of a Venture Capitalist Turned Entrepreneur


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This past year I pivoted from a career in venture capital to create a mental health technology company. Here are a few of the habits that I’ve found have helped me get the most out of work and life:

[Note: I’m not claiming to be a superhero or Tim Ferriss, but hoping you might find one or two here to help you as well.]

Only check email and texts 3x daily unless planning something urgent. My phone is often in airplane mode or out of site. My notifications are always silenced. In a world of distraction, attention is our most valuable resource. I guard mine like a Bullmastiff.

Don’t schedule any calls or meetings before noon. From the time I wake up until I break my intermittent fast, this time is devoted to Deep Work, when I can get the most done without cluttering my mind with email and meetings.

Call or (even better) FaceTime a distant friend every Sunday. This helps maintain relationships and has helped a lot with the often-lonely life of an entrepreneur. Interpersonal connection is a psychological need that we all have from our evolution as hunter-gatherers. Yet 47% of Americans report that they are lonely. Connection matters, and is a key part of mental health, something I used to overlook as an entrepreneur.

Meditate for at least 15 mins every morning and night. This is non-negotiable. I can tell the difference in emotional regulation and focus on days where I’ve missed the

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