$200,000/month with a software that automates startups legals [former Head of BBC’s iPlayer]


Hey – Pat from StarterStory.com here with another interview.

Today’s interview is with Anthony Rose (u/startups101) of SeedLegals, a brand that makes startup legals.

Some stats:

Product: startup legals. Revenue/mo: $200,000 Started: September 2016 Location: London Founders: 3 Employees: 32 Hello! Who are you and what business did you start?

Hi, I’m Anthony Rose, founder, and CEO of SeedLegals.

SeedLegals is the new way to close your UK funding round. No lawyers, no accountants, everything done on your terms. Our always-on platform, supported by a team of experts lets you raise funding dramatically more efficiently and cost-effectively.

We now close 8% of all UK funding rounds in the UK, and complete 10% of all Advance Assurances with a 97% HMRC approval rate (the market standard being 64%). SeedLegals is the largest, fastest and most reliable closer of rounds in the UK.


What’s your backstory and how did you come up with the idea?

I used to head up BBC iPlayer. After leaving the BBC, I built a startup -sold it- built another startup -sold it. I then invested in a few startups and got tired of paying lawyers. In a stroke of luck, I met my business partner Laurent Laffy, serial angel investor, and ex-VC.

We got together and decided it was time to transform the way we do funding rounds.


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