40 Rules for Selling


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I work as a Sales Director and I wrote the following text in Spanish long ago. Some people considered it useful, so I translated it into English hoping it can help more people:

Call more and call now. Prospect by default, but have in mind that every time you’ll try to start prospecting your brain will make up a thousand excuses to convince you it’s not the best moment to do it.

It’s easier to sell to those who already have your product or a similar one.

Use a script. Your key message must be delivered in your first intervention and be contained in no more than 3 sentences.

Desensitize yourself to rejection. Every ‘no’ gets you closer to the next “yes”.

If the recepcionist doesn’t like you, you’ll never reach the decision-maker.

The quickest way to be liked is to ask for help.

Don’t talk to nondecision-makers. Be nice to them, they can become referrers, but don’t talk to them about your product or company. A nondecision-maker can’t say “yes” but can say “no”.

There will be objections. If it doesn’t let you to move forward smoothly, is and objection. It’s trivial whether the objection is based on a truth or not. “Send me more information by email” is also an objection.

Don’t believe anything. (Almost) everybody lies, about almost everything, almost all the time; and the reason why that happens is irrelevant.

Don’t send presentations. No one reads them, and even if they did, you’d first

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