A Dropshipping Solution Offering 2-Day Free Shipping & More


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Hey guys! We are a small team of software engineers, marketers and entrepreneurs. We are currently working on a Dropshipping tool for Dropshippers that will focus on the customer’s experience, leaving you to focus on building your brand. Our Dropshipping solution aims to provide Dropshippers with all the necessary tools to maintain a competitive edge against bigger retailers by offering:

Quality Products – We know, Dropshipping from Alibaba and other similar platforms can be a pain in the ass, and products take forever to arrive and the quality can sometimes (if not all the time) be shitty. Customers are most likely to not make any repeat purchases since their experience with your brand has been aggravating. We want to offer quality products that have been hand-picked by us to satisfy your customer’s needs. 2 Day Free Shipping – Offering 2-Day Free Shipping creates trust between you and your customer, it instantly satisfies their need for immediate gratification. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, how would you feel if your order took 21 days to arrive? We want to offer 2-day free shipping to create an experience for your customers that will help your brand. Free Returns – I don’t even need to go into details regarding this feature. If a customer sees that you’re offering free returns, they are more likely to make a purchase since you are making business between you and them easier, they have nothing to lose. Verified Reviews – This feature helps your customers

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