Are there any side gigs that are worth starting (makes more than lunch level money) that don’t require me to quit my day job.


I’ve got some money (around $25,000) that I’m willing to invest but I’m not willing to quit my well paying day job that allowed me to accumulate some disposable income to begin with. I’m trying to think of a side gig that I could do in the evenings or weekends, or pay someone else to operate while I am at work during the week.

I’ve considered tree trimming and removal, and I could finance the truck, buy the equipment, become a licensed arborist fairly easily, and hire some guy to do any of the work that has to be done during business hours. Problem is finding a trustworthy operator when I’m starting out and can’t guarantee any particular number of hours. If I could only service home owners on the weekends, I think this is unlikely to be profitable, in any amount of time. I’m connected enough with a couple local contractors that I could probably pick up some sub contractor work.

I’ve considered a food truck but I probably don’t have enough cash in hand to start one of these and not confident enough to start borrowing money for this. My research has found out that a lot of people who know more about this than me have still failed at the food truck game. The market is also very saturated here (Colorado).

I’ve considered mobile auto detailing as it is a hobby and passion of mine. I have plenty of money to start doing this,

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