Bought a Subway Franchise


I want to start off by saying that my store is not actually a subway but just for the sake of simplification I will use “subway” in place of my actual franchise name.

So I recently purchased a Subway in the state that I reside in.So far things have been going good. Another Subway recently got sold in the same state and our franchise business consultant(audit inspector) gave us the personal cell phone number of the manager of the new subway.We recently called this manager as we took it as a sign that the BC was pointing us towards poaching this manager without directly saying it. When we called the manager she told us some information about running the store and that she would meet us at our store to share more information in regards to running a successful subway.She spent 3 hours talking to us saying a whole bunch of things that we already knew, she also mentioned that the new owner doesn’t even set foot in the store so she can’t really train her. I am unsure of this managers intentions as she wasn’t really being receptive to the hints I was throwing at her. I asked her about what her plans where and if she was staying in the store with the new owner. She said “for now”.I am not sure if she is looking for a new job or if she is looking for a job offer so that she can negotiate a raise

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