Build a community surrounding your product.


Creating a product isn’t just about the product itself. Although it is important, building and nurturing a community surrounding that product really helps improve growth and retention and even the product itself by staying up to date in the market, and giving meaning to customers who identify with your product. A few bullet points below.

customer outreach a place for your community to hang out a place for your users to report bugs and help give suggestions Helps give culture to your product ideas and brainstorming

For example my startup project Yobored I started talking to gamers about it. And then with gamers came a lot of intelligent people who were interested in the product. I created a discord and started recruiting people who might be interested and now we have a hangout full of programmers, designers, gamers, even a few quantum engineers. It’s amazing, I now call the whole thing Yo Corp. Alongside my project, spawned a bigger vision. Yo Corp is all about people, culture, and awareness. I solidified the vision and culture by bringing people together. Recruitment is key. Just wanted to share with all of you how building a community is essential.

Also if you are interested, you can join our hangout, on the Yobored website click “Discord” in the top right. I run things there and also carry out meetings with the devs that anyone can sit and listen in on, so might be interesting to see for any entrepreneur, I am open

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