Building a clothing brand and am having trouble deciding between Squarespace and Shopify – anyone have experience with both?


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Hi all, I’ve been working on launching a clothing brand and admittedly made the mistake of opting for Squarespace before fully researching my options. As a designer, I’m very drawn to Squarespace’s beautiful aesthetics and locked in an annual subscription for their business package that expires in ~April of next year. After putting in hours of building and fine-tuning my site, I did some more research and found that, while Squarespace has ecommerce capabilities, it is not the platform’s forte. One thing that I find especially lacking is the inability to automate sales tax collection, something that Shopify offers in addition to all of their ecomm-specific apps.

Given this, I signed up for a Shopify trial and found a theme that I like, but am debating if it’s truly worth it to swap from Squarespace to Shopify given all of the work I already put into building my site, not to mention the additional $$ I’d have to drop. I still greatly prefer Squarespace’s aesthetics, but am worried that I am shooting myself in the foot in the longterm if I decide to build my brand via Squarespace. What are your thoughts? One thing to keep in mind is that I plan on starting small and launching one collection at a time, comprised of a few T-shirts, longsleeves and maybe a hoodie or two, before gradually expanding my product offerings.

With this in mind, should I stick with Squarespace and focus on manufacturing and selling my products

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