Came across an interesting (although a bit phony) google ad strategy


I was looking for company names and comparing a few services that came up on the google ads when I noticed they had 1 or 2 of the same “clients” for their naming service.

These agencies had entirely different pricing, aesthetic, everything was different about them, but they are obviously the same group of people. I googled their address and came up with a few more “professional naming service” companies with the same address.

So clearly they are using multiple company profiles to both test what converts better as well as dominate the google adwords for new company naming.

I’m not convinced that this isn’t against google ads TOS, since they take competition pretty seriously, but I thought it was a rather interesting strategy. Also not sure how I feel about it ethically since I totally thought I was being a good consumer comparing two different products.

Anyone come across stuff like this before? Do you think it’s ethical?

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