Carrd website- Should I use Stripe or Square with Booking? Or something else?


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I’m starting a service business super cheap. So I started my website, and ready to verify Google My Business and Facebook Page.

I played around with appointment booking on my Facebook Page- really liked it, then I realized for booking in-home services I would want to have prepayment available. Like I have their card ready to charge after completing the appointment or charging an applicable cancellation fee, or just generally confirming the customer is serious about booking. So my website has some Stripe integration available, but here are my thoughts:

With Stripe I need to also integrate a separate booking service, I think? I saw MakePlans integrates and that would cost me $9/month just for booking and prepayment capabilities.

I’d like Quickbooks integration, but I decided I didn’t want Quickbooks Payments- all QB stuff is so damn expensive. I don’t wanna spend more on QBOnline than one of the two cheapest options for small startup operations, up to $25/month.

Square has booking and prepayment options! I’ll have to investigate more, but per swipe charges and all that seem pretty similar to Stripe. Can I easily add this system to my website?

Anyone have experiences with these services or appointment booking with prepayment options? What should I go with that’s easy AND affordable?

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