CMV: It’s not worth to spend all your life working to retire at 60 with 50+ millions in the bank


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With all the due respect to App design studios, accounting firms and brick and mortar shops….how do people do that? That’s basically the same as having a 9-5 job , I personally don’t think it’s worth it .

Now people would say they do it for the money but again I don’t know about that.

Let’s make an example and analyze the path:

1) You work all your life on your business

2) You retire at 60 with 50+ million dollars in the bank

3) For all practical, political and legacy purposes you are still a fucking nobody (David H. Koch, Paul Allen were worth 100+ times that, they both died earlier this year and yet people don’t even remember them, didn’t shed a tear for them and they are already forgotten)

The most important point :

4) Even with 50+ millions in the bank you’d never extract as much enjoyment and fun out of life compared to your younger 25 year old self who had 50k in the bank but decided to move to Latin America or South East Asia to party and have sex all night and day instead

If you are not into partying or sex you’d still be better off by becoming a theoretical physicist, musician, politician or actor…all the people in the top 1% of such categories at least have a shot at being remembered if they struck gold with a theory/symphony/performance .

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