Does anybody have any experience in the apparel/clothing line industry?


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I was just on a vacation in the Florida Keys where fishing runs rampant and had a huge revelation in a potentially very profitable business venture while enjoying some of my own fishing with a few fishing nuts. Today obviously being the age of setting up an online shop and going direct to consumer is very practical and relatively easy to set up, especially when using a fulfillment service, I hatched the idea of potentially starting a fishing apparel line. Obviously the big boys dominate the industry but their premier lines fetch top dollar, and fishermen almost seem all to happy to be shelling out that type of money on a basic UV shirt with “Salt Life” or “PFG” printed on it that wholesales for 5-10 dollars and the consumer is paying 50-60 per shirt. Obviously there is a huge profit margin to be had here and i was wondering if anybody has had any experience in the apparel industry. What i was thinking of doing would be setting up a direct to consumer Shopify store front, social media advertising and marketing, and using a local fulfillment center in our industrial park (I currently am a shop foreman in my fathers cabinet business and am looking to prove to him i can be successfully my own business ventures to further capitalize on taking a share of our own). My eventual goal for this business would be to make something where I’m creating a generally very passive income stream

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