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Drones Reveal How Bowhead Whales Migrate Thousands Of Miles To Exfoliate

For close to two centuries, bowhead whales have been observed rubbing against large boulders in the summer, but it wasn’t exactly clear why. Thanks to a new study, it can now be confirmed that this is…

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More videos drone : https://youtu.be/lev8N1DLPkc

Isis ‘will use drones to spread deadly viruses’, warns EU security chief

ES News EmailEurope’s most senior terrorism expert has warned Isis extremists could soon turn to biological warfare, using drones to spread lethal viruses.Speaking at a conference in London, Gilles de…

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NASA Finds AI-Powered Drones May Be Safer Than Human-Flown Ones

Drones controlled by humans may soon give in to ones flown completely using artificial intelligence, a new experiment by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has demonstrated.In the demonstration,…

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15 CAZY Drones You Must See

MUSIC: Ye. – hpy4u https://soundcloud.com/pronouncedyea/hpy4u-1

15 Coolest Tricks that Makes your Palms sweat

10 Amazing Robots That Reall…

Viral Killer Drones Video Gives Humanity a Dire Look at the Misuse of AI

A video on killer drones called “Slaughterbots” is going viral with a look at the dire reality of automated warfare based on artificial intelligence (AI), Fox News reported.The video shows killer dron…

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He guys check out these awesome passenger drones that we might be flying in sooner than you think!
Should we finally have a real flying car or passenger drones that takes us where we need to go? Let …

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drones Market Worth 48.88 Billion USD by 2023

According to the new market research report on “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drones Market by Type (Fixed Wing, VTOL, STUAS, MALE, HALE), Payload (Up to 150 and 600 kg), Component (Camera, Sensor), A…

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Electric UAV Drones: Autonomous, Energy Independent 2017-2027

LONDON, /PRNewswire/ — Uses for UAVs/ drones surpass the investor graveyard of toys. Think professional photography and sensing and delivery of the internet, chemicals by individual growing plant, po…

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Micro Assassination Drones Fit in Your Hand

Story ViewsNow:Last Hour:Last 24 Hours:Total:Micro Assassination Drones Fit in Your HandMonday, November 20, 2017 20:34% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents.Micro Assassination dro…

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Here’s what happened when AI drones raced against a world-class human pilot

Here’s what happened when AI drones raced against a world-class human pilotArtificial intelligence systems have been shown to be better than humans at many things – from spotting cancer on tissue slid…

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Drones expected to be popular gift again in 2017

CAPITAL REGION — Do you hear what I hear, buzzing through the sky?Drones are forecast to be a hot holiday gift again this Christmas. The Consumer Technology Association expects 3.4 million of them to…

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