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I have noticed that many companies fail to get feedback from users, it’s so bad that often times out of 26 people that leave a brand or software only one will actually give feedback.

Our idea is two-fold, one we don’t want to wait until users leave to get feedback and two we want to increase user feedback significantly.

Similar to a chat app that are on most websites today, we have created a one-click feedback app because no users go out of their way to give feedback. Here’s a website that is currently using our product –

This idea is similar to the feedback buttons at hospitals, airports, and stores that have become increasingly popular.

While it may seem simple it has multiple use cases. When individuals are signed into a website you can start to score and quantify how satisfied they are with a product, reaching out to them before they leave the service for good. The second is that once a user hits the feedback you can watch the actions they took in-order to understand what happened to cause the problem thus fixing things like broken links, or errors much faster than previously possible.

Let me know: What price you think this could be marketed at and the quality of the idea.

If you’d like a free demo, I’d be more than happy to offer one and even be willing to track user feedback for you for a month, on

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