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I launched my business, EmberBox, 3 days ago and have been having some technical issue that I’ve managed to overcome but that have costed me some sales. We are a subscription style service which delivers 100% organic smoking products to smokers nationwide. I started this because as a smoker myself I was getting disgusted by tobacco products and the addictive chemicals and gross flavorings. Unfortunately I was unable to find any organic non-tobacco wraps near me and found that others have had the same issue. It has been a slow start on Instagram where we work with microinfluencers to spread our product around. We actually had contact with a few customers but as soon as we got some traffic our server crashed. The site was down and all the influencers followers who would have made a purchase were left hung out to dry. I have since upgraded to a better hosting plan and won’t have that problem until about 100,000 monthly visitors. I’m relatively new to ecommerce but have been doing everything I can to learn tactics and how to build a website. I was hoping to have some of you more experienced entrepreneurs take a look at my website and tell me things I can change or add to make the site have a higher conversion rate as I have yet to make a sale. I contribute the crashed server for the influencers work not converting to sales yet.

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