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Hello all,

I’m a recent computer science graduate between jobs at the moment, and in my spare time have been doing a lot of reading and research regarding entrepreneurship. A colleague of four years and I have discussed going into business together, and have even gone so far as starting projects together. Nothing has gotten completely off the ground, largely because of our lack of direction and planning. We’ve been attempting to go the pure software route, but for a short while I’ve felt like don’t want to go that direction myself.

My brother started a landscaping company a couple years ago and it has done very well, he’s currently looking for his first regular employee. Between that, plus everything I’ve read and seen about service-oriented business and the tech-related fields online, it seems that if my target is success I’m shooting in the wrong direction. As an example, I’ve seen many people say they’ll create apps or have apps created (that then generate some amount of revenue) for $25-50. For that to happen from me I’d have to complete them in no more than an hour, simply not possible. Compare that to the business of my brother and many others in my area. Even though there are many people competing, they’re all still booked beyond their capacity.

My aforementioned partner seems very bent on taking a pure software approach. I really like programming and making software that serves a purpose, but he’s much more fired up about

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