General/professional liability insurance for web developer.


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I do some work as web developer where I create registration and data management systems for various STEM events. I deal with certain level of personal information but not much. Mostly its names, emails, genders and phone #’s. With some it goes to addresses and date of birth. I do not take or store and ssn or cc information. I am a sole proprietor (no employees), I work as a contractor and my system are pay to use. No one gets the complete product (code). Currently my annual income from this venture is <15K, but I am growing.

Right now I am talking with a school district interested in my services, where the topic of general liability/social media insurance came up. I currently have none. If these talks to turn into contract, I would imagine it will be a requirement on their/my part.

Any advice when it comes to looking for general/professional liability insurance?

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