Hi /r/entrepreneur, founder of Framed Tweets here. Need some help. (details inside)


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You might remember my Starter Story from a few months ago. Hello again!

Basically, after a series of unwise financial decisions (things like not having a firm grasp on my unit economics, investing too much money in unproven marketing strategies, and generally just not keeping tabs on where the money was flowing—I haven’t been buying fancy cars or watches or anything, far from it haha), I’ve run out of working capital and am struggling to keep the business growing.

So I’m looking for some help. It doesn’t have to be purely altruistic—the business has historically done extremely well during the holiday season, so maybe you want to pay for Facebook ads during November/December in exchange for a generous amount of equity. Or maybe you’d like to run an email marketing campaign for a commission on sales you generate. I’m open to anything, really, including advice.

Feel free to email me at zach@framedtweets(dot)com, or drop me a PM here on reddit. Thank you!

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