How do you all feel about restaurant franchising?


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My SO and I can afford to live on one of our incomes. Currently we’re pumping money into savings, but I’d like to consider investments that would allow me to quit my job now.

I’ve done a little research, and Subway sounds like a decent option as it has lower upfront, and ongoing costs. With some basic math (that I’d be happy to share for anyone interested), it seems that if I collect little to no income from a Subway franchise, I can expect to own 3-5 franchises in 10 years time. Which based on my research comes to between 150-300k annual profits once I actually start collecting them at the end of those 10 years. At that point, I’ll be in my early 40s, and I’d like to just coast, working as little as possible.

To be clear, I figure we could have 3 restaurants if I collect a small income during that 10 year period, and ~5 restaurants if I collect nothing until the 10 years are up.

Does anyone here have experience franchising restaurants? What were the risks? Pitfalls? What am I not considering?


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