How my referral marketing SaaS reached $18K/month


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Hey – Pat from here with another interview.

Today’s interview is with Manuel Frigerio (u/Manu66) of ReferralHero, a brand that makes referral marketing software

Some stats:

Product: referral marketing software Revenue/mo: $18,000 Started: January 2016 Location: Bristol Founders: 1 Employees: 0 Hello! Who are you and what business did you start?

Hello, I’m Manuel Frigerio and I’m the founder of ReferralHero, a referral marketing platform used by over 6,000 companies all around the world, from startups to large companies such as Curve, Transferwise and HolidayPirates.

ReferralHero helps companies design and launch referral programs, from pre-launch waiting lists to giveaways and ambassador programs. Traditionally, launching a referral program requires a team of developers and a couple of weeks. ReferralHero was one of the first companies in the world to offer a widget that companies install on their website, with no need for a developer, and launch a referral program in hours instead of weeks.

We are now launching a new product that allows people to add an ambassador program to their newsletter (like TheHustle’s or The Morning Brew’s) in two clicks (ok, three clicks but who’s counting anyway?).

ReferralHero’s MRR is currently at around $18,000/month. After I launched ReferralHero (at the time called Maître) on ProductHunt in February 2016, we celebrated our first 1 million subscribers milestone (emails collected across our customers) after just 5 months. With over 2,200 upvotes, ReferralHero is still one of the Top 50 most upvoted products of all time. We now have 6,000+

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