How We Saw An Opportunity to Compete With The Big 4’s Data Science Teams


I saw a data model produced by one of the Big 4 accounting firms that cost a fortune (more than my yearly salary), and I was building much more sophisticated models for my employer. Jess and I were working together, and the next day I went into the office and told her ‘what if we start building the same cool stuff we do at work, but for other people? There is obviously a need for it’. Jess smiled and didn’t say anything. Three days later she texted me and said ‘let’s do it.’

Our first project was such a crazy time. We were still at our full-time jobs, Karina was studying for her CPA exams, we were working late nights, weekends, rushing across Sydney for meetings during lunch breaks, barely sleeping, but we were on top of the world.

After completing the project we knew we were onto a winner. We cracked open a bottle of champagne and quit our jobs the next day.


Karina: We have never raised money. DataMinds is a consultancy, we don’t have any significant upfront costs like companies that develop a product (apps) or retailers, who need to buy stock. Our revenue covers our salaries and other overheads and allows us to grow organically. Potentially one day if we come up with the product idea or decide to expand rapidly, we would seek investment.

How do you attract clients?

Jessica: Our clients range from tech start-ups through to established enterprises and government.

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