I Almost Quit


Two years ago I started an e-commerce business. Its a daily grind. It’s a ton of work. There’s always something to do.

My sales trickle in on a weekly basis. I sell a low cost item so I need a LOT of sales to move the needle. The product is something that I love and other’s do too. Never a bad review and rarely a customer complaint. Its a winning item. However it is in a competitive category with a lot of other winners. Its hard trying to find a way to reach my audience and build my brand.

I’ve tried Google ad-words. Nada.

I’ve tried Facebook marketing. Crickets.

I’ve tried sponsored posts. Nothing.

I’ve tried physical events and trade shows. But I enjoy my quiet weekends.

I’ve tried content marketing and writing blog posts. This takes time.

I felt like nothing was working.

In the meantime I stopped promoting sales to put my time and efforts into other projects. But the sales still came. I never asked for reviews, but the 5-Stars kept coming. I received a nice review from a name that I looked familiar “I cant tell you how much I love [your product]. I have told everyone I know about your brand. I have thrown away all my other [product]. I cant wait for you to release your next design! Oh and thank you so much for leaving a comment on Instagram photo – it means the world to me!”

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