I recently Started a Creative Agency and would love some insight from others in the industry that you’ve experienced within your own business.


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Over the last two months an old classmate and I decided to start a web design and brand identity shop. We’ve gone through a full internal branding process and roughly outlining the process that we’ve taken ourselves through, which we’ll alter more appropriately in line with how we do business with our customers. In the same two months, I’ve built out and refined the website, adjusted SEO and set up integrations with back-end tools such as google Analytics.

My approach here today is to hopefully gain some insight from those of you who also run a creative agency, studio, or shop. Mainly in regards to:
1. Finding customers. What’s worked best? Worst approach you’ve taken?
2. What is something you wish you knew beforehand?
3. Advice you would pass on to your past self at this stage.

Really anything is helpful but I hope those three questions give some context of what I’m looking for.
I greatly appreciate this ahead of time! Thank you!

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