I want to change my life with $15,000


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I have $15000 to invest in something to try to build wealth. I do not want to put the money into a rainy day fund or low yield stocks.

I am ready to take a chance with it on something that will grow.

No one in my family is good with money and I do to want to end up old and broke. I am looking for any advice!

I am a simple person and do not waste money on things I don’t need like cars and expensive clothing. Once I get the ball rolling, I will be able to save more and make better investments.

For now I want to start a business or get into real estate. What are my options with this small amount?

About me: 36 years old. Have traveled the world working on a cruise ship, have worked as a freelance sound designer, and as an EMT (Ski Patroller). From USA. My ideal goal is to make passive income from anywhere in the world, but am willing to work 20 hours a day.

Some things I have looked into are Travel franchises (8-10k) , licensing and selling TESL software, buying an established business, or buying property under 100k. Credit is 694 and I have only one bill a month at $140.

I’m ready to take a chance! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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