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I have an idea that I am looking for constructive feedback and comments about. Also open to comments and feedback about the subscription box model

My idea is to create a subscription box service for isolated seniors either as a result of old age or disabilities such as Parkinson’s, etc.

The box would contain items that help makes their lives more convenient to mental stimulation to community building. This would include everything from jar openers, brain teaser books, puzzles, and a monthly thought of the week in which individuals would write back a response with paper and postage provided to be featured in the next month’s box newletter.

In addition, it will also include pictures and a letter from an individual (most likely son/daughter or niece/nephew) who purchased the box for the elder. This will include updates in their lives as well as the option for monthly topics to write about such as favorite memories growing up, life lessons, etc.

Boxes will be sold as monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and 1 time purchases.

Essentially, the goal is to create community for isolated seniors.

Currently, my biggest concern and not knowing exactly how to market the box, as we are not necessarily targeting elders who most likely will lack the technology skills to access the product, but rather those who are looking to stay more connected to their parents/loved ones but unfortunately live too far or are unable to spend as much time.

I would really appreciate any feedback for

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