[Idea validation] Web platform for creating “markets” (like subreddits) for niche digital economies


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Hey everyone, hopefully I could get some feedback on this idea.

I’m looking to develop a web application where individuals can create (and others can join once created) marketplaces that pertain to a certain digital niche, and on that marketplace transact digital goods. All the marketplaces would be centralized on our website and the markets/digital goods and services they create, could all be accessed from a simple search on the homepage.

The concept would work like a Reddit, where if you are the first of a community to make a market, lets say WordPress Plug-ins, the website “creates” the market and you can start listing digital goods and services. It would be a compliment to forums/blogs for niche communities who may not have enough members to create their own e-commerce site, but still find a platform for engaging in these transactions on a central platform helpful.

If you are non-affiliated with these niche markets but are looking for a service or good they may offer (i.e. logo design for your business), you will be able to find what you are looking for through a general search as usual. The idea is the website serves both ends.

What does everyone think? Is there a market for niche communities transacting digital goods?

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts.

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