I’m a serial consumer entrepreneur that raised over $60 million in VC funding and started my first business in college. Now I am creating the bathroom of the future with Shine Bathroom. AMA.


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About Me Hi, I’m Chris. I’m 34 years old from Santa Barbara, California. I studied electrical engineering at UCSB and Japanese at Tohoku University. I’m a passionate entrepreneur, kite-surfer, father, and husband. I bringing inventions to life that can positively impact consumers lives. I launched my first business, TrackR, while still in college in 2009 where I was CEO. I initially bootstrapped the business & actually started in a garage (garages are cold & I don’t recommend it). The team was able to successfully scale the business to over $50MM in revenue, raise VC funding of over $60MM, and ship over 9 million devices to every country on the planet except North Korea & the Central African Republic. I left the business in 2017 after hiring a new executive team. I then helped a TrackR alumni start Cliq chair where I helped with the initial marketing and launch on Indiegogo. The campaign did over $1.5MM in the first month. I was involved operationally for a bit then stepped back to be an advisor to work on a space I’ve always been passionate about – The Bathroom I started Shine in August 2018. The spark was there for quite sometime to start a bathroom company ever since I originally went to Japan in high school and witnessed the level of comfort, automation, and refinement the bathrooms had compared to those in the USA. I realized that even though the bathroom hasn’t changed in the US, we have. We’re no

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