I’m building a digital marketing agency from zero to $10k/mo using a pen name (No email list, no social followers, no VC money, no handouts from parents, none of that BS). Here is my progress so far after one week. #REALTALK


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Hey fam, I wrote up my journey so far as a story below (why? cause i think it’s more interesting like dat). Hope you enjoy!

It’s Wednesday night, 10pm. Suddenly a brilliant idea to get more clients hits me.

I run over to my desk and start writing up a Facebook post about it: – [Image]

At the end of the post I offer the first person to land a client using my strategy two rewards:

1- A $25 Amazon gift card.

2- Introductions to more clients (via my email list).

10 minutes later, Justin Brooke drops this comment: – [Image]

I’m thinking to myself: “Great idea JBizzle, but starting from 0 sounds like a shit ton of work.”

Then one hour later 34 people have reacted to the comment. – [Image]

Now I’m thinking to myself: “f**k I’m really going to have to do this now, aren’t I?”

I start writing down ideas for a service offer I’ll make.

Content promotion is a good starting spot. Everyone wants more traffic to their content.

Now I just need to focus on the biggest traffic multiplier to content. Content Multipliers, Social Media Multipliers, List Multipliers.

Yes List Multipliers, I grew the Sumo.com list to 10k/month in 5 months. I know a proven strategy to turn traffic into emails. How about — I offer a performance based service that turns clients blog traffic into hyper-targeted leads. Bingo!

My new Three Jabs (3J) strategy is born: – [Image]

Screw $1k/mo. I

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