Interesting Investment Opportunity


Interesting opportunity.

The company: eCommerce. With Psychical address. Been in business 3 years.

The data: company has done well, making $30k gross/year. Proof of concept. On an initial investment of $1000 plus reinvesting profits via testing.

Me: I’m on Disability and have been for 3 years. Hence why I built an eCommerce company. I have a fixed income of $1300/m approx. I have everything I need to live on $800/m. Kitchen: deep fryer, fridge, freezer, waffle maker, induction cooktop, pot, pan, knives and bakers rack.

My expenses: I pay $300 a month in food. I recently bought a large amount of supplies on clearance and on sale to last me through this process; clothes, vitamins. $500/m for a bedroom in rent. Which leaves me with $500/m.

My goal: is to get off of disability.

What I’ve done: I’ve sold all of my assets and borrowed money from family to inject money into the company, and scale the current concept using the data from the last 3 years.

Numbers: I’ve put $15,000 into the company over the last 3 months. I have $5000 in outstanding contracts with employees, and am selling my last few assets (electric bicycles) to pay for the remainder.

What’s needed: I require a loan of up to $10,000. To make sure everything goes smoothly. Conservatively I expect the company to do $100k gross in 12 months at 30% profit.

What I can do: I can guarantee the loan with my fixed income, or the

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