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Xposted to r/engineering and a few other places because I’d really like to spark a response for this lady, and others, especially in the developing world where proxy swipe cards and auto push buttons are simply not feasible.

If this doesn’t fit this subreddit, please let me know so I can remove and post elsewhere. I’d really like to get her some visibility.

News story: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/go-public-disabled-automatic-door-1.5313633

(text from my original post:(original post to r/engineering: How Hard Would It Be To Fabricate a Door For This Poor Lady?

-That would ideally be mass-produceable, and, (*edit, cheap). (I know, I know, probably the Holy Grail).

My initial thought (NAE, disclaimer) is one of those exit push bars (maybe not the right terminology) that’s like 6 inches off the ground, (as well as at average waist height) so it could be pushed open with a wheelchair. I haven’t got as far as the problem of opening a secured door mechanically with a wheelchair, but maybe y’all could weigh in?

Second disclaimer I’m not the lady and I don’t know her. I just saw this come up on the news website.)

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