Is it viable to try to create a profitable app/service as a solo developer? Is the market too saturated for solo devs to succeed? Should I be looking for investors already to hire more people?


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I have been working on some mobile and web apps in free time for over a year now. I’ve had two small apps that had 2k+ downloads on the app market but have hardly made any money from purchases. I’ve also found marketing to be a big challenge. I’ve brainstormed very hard to come up with possibly profitable ideas which I can implement in a team of one or two people. But most of the ideas seem to either have been completely solved (as in large companies with fully comprehensive solutions for the problem domain I was planning to tackle) or the target market ends up being too narrow and it’s difficult to interest large number of users.

Should I continue spending my time working alone on my ideas and refining my existing apps, and hope that as I gain more experience one of my products will have much more success? Should I look for other developers to partner with? Or am I better off changing my path and instead start freelancing or focusing on my job?

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