I’ve released an app after months of hard work, yet can’t seem to get in the mindset to do any real marketing.


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Basically, I am a developer by trade and as someone who enjoyed making apps for fun, I wanted to try releasing an actual product that provides value to people. I was naive enough to think that just making a good product was all it took, but when you don’t have a platform, not yet willing to buy ads and cannot show up in the search terms then it is almost impossible to serve anyone at all.

So upon realizing that outreach is my biggest problem now, I researched ASO, SEO & social media growth and this gave me a bunch of ideas for things to do, my only problem now is that I seem to be avoiding this work every day in exchange for even more coding or other pursuits. (part of me feels like just abandoning ship to start coding a new idea entirely…)

Part of what makes marketing feel difficult to me is the fact that each day I find myself describing my app with slightly different wording, also talking to other people requires me to speak from a big-picture perspective, outlining the dreams and hopes I have for the product. Working a full time job makes this hard as I have to switch gears for 40 hours a week to focus on other problems as well, so it feels like even more emotional labor to get into the right headspace.

So, therefore I’m wondering, are there any resources that can help me get into the

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