Jump in to become wealthy – great idea hitting the wall.


I am thinking about writing this post for a few days already. I tried alone but I can’t, do not have enough knowledge and time but refusing to abandon the idea I had and I think can make a lot (I mean a lot) of money.

If you are experienced e-commerce store owner/entrepreneur/marketing expert and want to join some stranger in making something every parent want to have (and making a lot of money along the way) then please read on)

Around 9 months ago I got my first baby. We had some complications (not going into detail) and after everything was done I got the idea of creating something that will “freeze that moment” create some kind of “time capsule” for my baby with the most important info about her.
A few weeks later and newsborn baby poster was created (not sure if I am allowed to add a link here but the site isn’t completed so you can’t buy a product so I will take a chance www.newsbornbaby.com).
It is something I am proud of. I printed it for my baby and it is on our bedroom wall. Whoever saw it was amazed. (I do understand people maybe act that way in front of us but still…). Usually, I am one who is too self-critical but I see this idea as something big. I made a small wp site, IG page and tried to photoshop some samples, doing everything alone. Then I get rejected from

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