Managed to cut my procrastination by 50% in just a few days with this


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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share with you a little tool that I discovered that allowed me to cut my procrastination behaviour in half over the past couple of days.

It is basically just a “digital coach” that monitors what you do on your laptop or mobile phone, and will send you notifications whenever it detects that you’ve lost focus on what you’re doing or that you’ve spent too much time on your device in a row. It also stops the infinite scrolling functionality on Facebook & Twitter, and you also have access to a “focus” mode that stops all your notifications from appearing whenever you are working and plays some music in the background to help you focus.

It’s called “Sofia” (Wisdom, in Greek), you can get it here: Although it is still in beta at the moment, I added my e-mail to the beta list and the devs sent me a link to download and install it on my Mac afterwards. It works like a charm!

Hope that helps!

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