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Make this your desktop wallpaper – never ever enable comments on your Reddit ads.

OK, I get 300% ROAS (return on ad spent) on Google ads and 180% on FB ads. But, Google and FB are getting more and more expensive. Worse is that if your Google ads campaign is quite old and you’re getting a good ROAS then Google starts charging you more for every CPC. Google does not officially say it but all the marketing gurus do.

So, I thought why not use some other platforms like Reddit and Quora to promote my business. I chose to go with Reddit first.

I read a few articles on Reddit ads first just to get some context. I then decided to test Reddit ads with a budget of only $100.

I created a new account on, made a campaign and launched my ads.

Key things The goal was to generate leads for my business. The landing page my team made for Reddit ads was the same as what we use for Google ads. But, we changed the headline and a few texts to make it more personalized for Reddit users. The target country was only the US. There were three different ads and one ad group. My experience

TL;DR Reddit is not good for ads. Google is the best and FB is also good.

For $100, Reddit sent 552 visitors to my site. Surprisingly, none of them converted. I get around 25-30 visits for every $100

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