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Hello Entrepreneur’s!

I have a business idea that I need some help with… I am wanting to start a live streaming business in my town, where I go around and live stream events for businesses, organizations, etc.

I have a friend who lives a few hours away, who recently started doing this in his town, his town is very small <15,000 population total, and has been doing it somewhat successfully in his town. I live in a town with about 110k population, so I feel like I have a greater opportunity, but also harder target acquisition.

His advantage is that he is still in his hometown, he knows a lot of people just from growing up, business owners knew him just because he played sports, was in parades, etc. So I feel like his conversion was easier to achieve. Even in a small town though, these business owners realize the importance of live streaming events.

He currently streams all local government board meetings (so he can do one every month, nice recurring income), has done a number of events for various businesses, and is set to have them be recurring yearly customers with his events.

I have been over with him to help him stream things for events in the past, and now I want to do it in my town as well.

My biggest problem is how can I convince people that live streaming is a popular thing, that they need to do to increase their

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