“Oh, yes, I love money”. $1000 to $100 000 [MTL/Toronto area]


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“But what do you want?”

“Well… I love money,” I reply to her.

“Why? Why do you love money?”

“Well, money is power. Power is everything in these day and age.”

“No…” she says.

“Well, yeah, try to build a better school and hire teachers for a project in the favelas surrounding Rio de Jan: try to pay with good vibes and see how it works. No. Money talks, everywhere. You want to change the world, you need money. Lots of it. It’s just a mean to an end, doesn’t mean you have to sell your soul.”


Hello again dear reader!

I’m JP.

My cold is gone, and my energy is back to normal level, so it means that now is the perfect time to flip some table and burn the whole old way of thinking down to the ground.

Here’s a secret: your future is composed of the days you spend in the now. In other words, today is tomorrow. What you do today determines your future. Mic drop.

So today sounds like the perfect time to inchoate some thoughts and make a plan.

I got way too much time on my hand, and I’m looking to build an empire, before or Ibiza to Mongolia Jeep trip.

Working on pipelines at forty below is no joke. It builds the character. But these are the good old days. Now I want to create a group of young mofos that will not take a no for

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