On quitting a $14k a month job to travel the world in a Jeep (seats available)


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My story is a bit unconventional –but is there a conventional story out there anyway?

We all come to the table with a different perspective on life.

A different starting point.

A different path.

A different way to interpret events.

I started in the wedding photography business when I was 16 years old (I’m 27 now), charging up to $2k per wedding. I left the wedding industry to try something different after a few years. It was a dream of mine to work in the oil and gas and mining industry, for whatever reason.

I made well for myself. Worked in the gold mine of northern Canada. Worked in the pipeline industry of Alberta. Bought every dream cars that I dreamt of. Went to every places on the planet that I wanted to visit. Drove 200 000 miles of roads in the Americas (Alaska to Argentina) in a convertible just to see the world and wrote a book about what’s right and what’s wrong in this world. Took the time to read 500 non-fiction books in 1000 days. I mean, I went hard.

I just “retired” two weeks ago. Retirement is when your second bucketlist is achieved haha. Made it to the top, now I want to start a new thing.

So I drove across the country with my car and belongings last week.

I’m at my parent’s place right now, looking at my options. I can do anything

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