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Hi there,

Looking for advise How to best protect a web application I have built.

So i created this app over the past 15months, fine tuning it to a point that test users love it. Speaking to the Ecosystem is seems to have great potential to disrupt the market i am operating in and from early discussions it has potential for a global roll-out.

I am looking for ways to protect the idea/ mechanism/ intellectual property while i will successively launch it on various markets around the world. I was told the EU/ and Poland/ Where i operator in right now do Not allow to patent WebApps/ Software/ SmartphoneApps.

How do i best protect my IP against large players in the market copying it right away once i launch it? I am small entrepreneur who Found a niche Nobody talks about globalny that cost People Alot of money. I am sure it will be copied right away.

Any advise/ experience/ best practices is mich appreciated!

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