Personalized Birthday Rap Songs – Is This Weird? 🤣


Hey hey, I created a couple personalized birthday rap songs (links at bottom) and my fam/friends loved them and encouraged me to monetize them. Is this weird? Any ways people can think of to help me market them? Or.. just too weird? 🤣

Anywho. More details. As the titles says, I will create a personalized birthday rap song for you, a loved one, or a friend. This entails me personally writing, recording, and sending it to you.

The song will:

Be about the person you choose Reference some details you choose to provide – for example: • their name • things they do • likes they have • any big recent life milestones (getting married, graduating from school, finally getting that awesome job) Be around one minute long


A copy of the recorded personalized rap song The lyrics written out A copy of the beat and any background music ONLY – this is if you would like to speak the lyrics and have your voice recorded doing the rap yourself, so the rap is more from ‘you’

Perfect for a surprisingly unique gift. This is meant to be a creative and light-hearted token of recognition. You can bet your loved one or friend has never received this as a present 😉

Personalized rap songs can be done for other occasions as well. Wedding gifts (they would have to be a fun-loving couple of course), anniversaries, ‘just because’ presents, or even a roast to burn

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