Plastic injection molding protecting & developing – few questions


Hey there, I am an online seller, and I am interested in creating my first plastic injection mold.

I have a physical product which is a very generic item (Which I prefer not to reveal). I want to have it measured, and change the material to plastic with rubber overmold instead of just plastic. I know that that the process can be very expensive therefore I have a few concerns :

The product should be easy to make, and I have a physical product. Should I still contact industrial designer before making it? Or can I just take a flight to China and work with their R&D team? I believe that it will be easy for them to make this product but I am not sure if that’s a good idea to have the files beforehand so that I can ask multiple factories for their offers. But on second hand, maybe it’s better if the R&D team of the specific factory will make the files because they know best about their machine and if a specific design will work. I have heard that Chinese factories may try to use my mold in order to make more copies of my product and sell it themselves, contracts will not change anything. Any tips on how to prevent it? Any service which offers supervising on plastic injections and also takes the mold at the end? Should I try to find a factory in Mexico instead of China? I heard that

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