[Re-Post] Have a great idea but no team/support? New sub helps to connect founders with passionate professionals from all backgrounds to form long lasting teams to make things happen.


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Hello All,

Some of us who frequent the startup/entrepreneurial reddit space have started a new sub dedicated to helping potential founders with new ideas find professionals across all functional areas to help establish long-term teams to make things happen. It is not supposed to be a place to pick up freelancers looking to be hired, but instead a place where you can put your idea out there and find professionals from all backgrounds who are actually passionate about your concept and want to help you make it a reality. Need a lawyer, accountant, or marketing professional on your team? Need a connection? We hope this will eventually become a place where you can find them.

This sub is 100% dedicated as a posting board to match people up. It takes some of the clutter posting off r/entrepreneur while still providing a place to make those connections.

Check it out at r/Crowdspark


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