Reposter: A free and open-source tool to manage, monitor and deploy marketing in social-media by re-posting content from one social media service (Reddit, Tumblr) to the another (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc).


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Hi there, I have created this framework a while back where you can setup things in a declarative fashion (JSON file, with your credentials, subreddits to copy content from, pages to upload it to) – and automate the entire process of posting content from one place to another.

DEMO – Copying content from /r/ProgrammerHumor to, /r/EarthPorn and /r/EarthPornGifs to

I wanted a setup that could be give me an entire control over content creation in a programmable automated way. With this framework, I can add as many as content retrievers and submitters as possible and create any kind of dynamic programmable workflow between them.

So for example, I could have reddit -> multiple facebook pages, twitter, instagram pages content submission, or tumblr, reddit, custom website -> Multiple facebook pages, twitter, etc. without really worrying about the underlying integration part. Consider it like a free zapier across social media handle content management.

Declaration via JSON looks like this:

{ “leads”: [ { “facebook”: { “name”: “Earthian”, “page_id”: “1855714958090094”, “token”: “”, “message”: false }, “subreddits”:[ { “name”: “earthporn” }, { “name”: “earthporngifs” } ] }, { “facebook”: { “name”: “Otterance”, “page_id”: “264385350745645”, “token”: “”, “message”: false }, “subreddits”: [ { “name”: “otters” } ] }, { “facebook”: { “name”: “Stephanie Virtual Assistant”, “page_id”: “319363778501603”, “token”: “”, “message”: true }, “subreddits”: [ { “name”: “ProgrammerHumor” } ] } ] }

It comes with a pre-built plugin of Reddit -> Facebook

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