should I drop out of college?


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So far I am a couple of months into my second year of college (U.S.) and I have been working on a business with a friend. At first, I thought I would be able to run the company at the same time I went to class, but as we have expanded, my time for school has decreased dramatically. we went to our first convention to market our product and made upwards of $50k in pre-orders in the first two hours that we were talking to people, so we know that there are people who would be willing to buy our product. I already own a relatively successful photography company that has just enough business to keep me busy on the weekends, but starting this business is eating up all of the remaining time I have leftover.

The pros that I see about ending my semester early and dropping out are:

I would be able to devote more time to going to events and finding clients for the business

My friend would feel like we are equally invested in the company (he already dropped out)

I would have more free time ( I feel like I am constantly overwhelmed by running two businesses and attending a full class schedule)

The cons:

I would lose my scholarship (8k per semester)

My parents really want me to finish school

I lose out on the “college experience” (I am 20)

I am fairly torn at this point because I have a great

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