Should we sue or make a blog post about my former business partners who stole our IP?


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My self and a cofounder started a business a couple years ago and brought on two other guys who knew nothing about the product/idea we wanted to peruse.

They were monsters and extremely commanding, and after 4 months of them providing little effort/work, and then plagiarizing a 5k without crediting us, we kicked them out of the business.

I have heard from a mutual source that they are pursuing this business just to spite us.

We filed a patent, and they filed a PCT a couple months later, we are now going to market with a significantly better product than when we started, as we didn’t find our first idea pragmatic, but they have rushed my cofounders and I’s original idea to market and gotten lots of Pr in our industry.

We will be going to market soon with our product and will be receiving the patent we originally filed for the product they have gone to market with within the next 4/5 months.

Once the patent is granted we can file a case against them or even ask for a royalty.

The thing is, their product is seen as a joke by many, but they’ve done well sales wise, and have fucked us out of a lot of potential funding/connections.

We were a part of an Accelorator for a 6 month period that invested in them because we rejected their offer, but this Accelorator has given them lots of national promotion

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