Some advice for a student‘s SEO side hustle?


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Hi there redditors of Entrepeneur!

I am a student with some good experience in SEO management. I have made 5 website owners super happy by doing SEO management for them because they are ranking at nr.1 right now in Google!

I currently have no job and want a side hustle from home so I was like: Lets use my skill to do that!

I am the cheapest in the country cause I only charge €150 a month for active SEO management for a website with around 10 pages and for webshops I charge around €250 a month and up depending on the size for active SEO management.

But I was wondering how I should get my clients as a student. I mean, I would like to do this as a side hustle and expand it to an agency when it works out good, but where do I find my clients? How do I approach them short and simple and not as those cliche sales speeches that people just ignore.

I would love to get some tips en tricks from you guys! And if anybody is interested in my service, let me know!


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