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Hey Guys

I’ve always dreamed of having my own start-up and while I tried my hand on a few traditional (trading and such) businesses, nothing ever really seemed to take off.

However, I’ve got an idea that I’ve been spending some time on and I think it can really take off. I would love your feedback on it.

A marketplace for rentals. No not property, not cars but… everything else.

Here’s how I came up with the idea: a friend called me up once and asked if I had a car polisher at my disposal that I could lend to him and I didn’t, so I thought I’ll just pop over to good old google and look for a service that could let us rent it out.

There was no such service. The more I thought about it and the more I talked to people, I realized that this is a valid problem that I could potentially solve for the market.

A marketplace where users could rent out items to other people. Simple. (obviously there’s a lot more complexity in terms of deliveries and insurances involved but that can be sorted out as we go along)

What do you guys think? Would you use an app like that?

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