Virtual mail service or UPS mailbox?


Opening up my first business and I would like to know what’s your opinion on this. I’m selling small products online that would fit into a box the size of a typical phone box.

Setting up an LLC requires me to have a business address/virtual mail service (rather not be my home address). The virtual service is about $29/mo and they send you pictures of the mail.

On the other hand, UPS store offers actual addresses as well but you can actually go up to the box and take the mail. Sorta like a PO box but with an actual address. Its about $15/mo for the smallest box. And you get notification (somehow) when your mail arrives. I spoke to the employee there and was told that if my item came in and it was too big for my small sized box, then they would hold it in the back for me.

Anyone have experience with UPS store mailbox? or is using it as a business mailing address?

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