Was laid off, got a job and ready to start my own company, advice please?


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Hey everyone!

I posted here about a couple of months before as I was laid off and wanted to create my own company, I received a lot of feedback from this community about getting a day job first to support my family and be able to eat hehe. I start tomorrow in a management position at Amazon, with schedule flexibility. If anyone remembers replying to my previous post, I truly appreciate your help, feedback, support and/or honest criticism. I even got a couple of leads from that post.

Now, I would like to humbly request advice from you guys again, I have a couple of partners, we already have an initial version of our website, email accounts, social media accounts, working on a couple of leads, since I´m creating a Software Development company and previously worked for one, I already have a development team who I trust and worked with before, excellent mobile and web developers, along with a senior Project Manager, one of the partners is also a developer and Scrum Master and I have over 15 years experience managing people, services and operations.

My challenge is to establish the company, grow it, and support my partners, create relationships with customers, all while also having a full time, day job. I know some of you have done this in the past and I would love to learn from your successes and failures.

What were your challenges? What would you do differently if you had to

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