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Hey all,

My wife runs a wedding cake business out of a warehouse. I have a full time job, but often work weekends (every Saturday and some Sundays) helping her with bits and pieces (cleaning, deliveries, etc).

That’s to say, I spend a lot of time at her place of work which has me thinking about a complimentary wedding business I could run.

As I said, she runs her shop out of a warehouse so there’s plenty of spare room. Is anyone aware of a (preferably) low touch complimentary business I could run?

We have a delivery van so a prop business is an idea. I’ve also considered a turnkey business idea like photography booths. I’ve also considered car hire… but I’m sure there’s plenty of expensive licenses involved in that. Has anyone done anything like this?

There’s a bunch of more involved ideas, but I’d rather not spend 20 hours a weekend on top of what we’re already doing.

Appreciate any ideas!

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